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    We at Kick It Kickball would like introduce you to Hit It Tee ball our new youth league! We have started this league to help educate kids on the game of Tee ball so they can later advance to Little League Baseball already understanding the basic fundamentals of the game. The major differences in our league to others is to make sure all kids participating in our league have fun and don’t feel left out! We have (2) divisions of play. Our (4 – 5 years) group of Juniors & our (Advanced 5-7 years) Seniors! Our Juniors that play will all get a turn at bat. We DO NOT count runs for this age group but do count outs in this age group so everybody can participate. We count how many outs each team makes at the end of the game and the team with the least amount of outs is the winner. Our Senior league (Advance 5 – 7 years) play like normal baseball counting fouls and outs like normal play. This league plays 6 innings. This also permits another level of play; specifically, tournaments and other competitive events. No matter what our tee ball league can be positioned as a skill-building, learning experience. We want to focus on the kids playing the game!


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